Shenzhen Fu days Technology Development Co.,Ltd.

  • Shenzhen Guangming New District, the United States and the United States on the north side of the village of Yasheng Science and Technology Industrial Park, the first floor of A2
  • +86-755-23411560


Shenzhen Fu days Technology Development Co.,Ltd. was established in May 2011. The Company is located in Guangming New DistrictShenzhen.With the latest test and production equipments.and some special devices newly developed by ourselves.the company can produce high strength and high precision mini gear.structural components and oil impregnated bushings. Work closely with the famous supplier development.

The Company is staffed with elites in powder metallurgy and professional workers at production line.Managing the general manager Mr. Li Yadong started his career in powder metallurgy in 1997 and proficient in using and producing powder metallurgy equipments.

Main Products:   Powder Metallurgy Gears, Structural Parts, Hardware, Bearings, Gears.


Enterprise Certification:Passed

Unified Social Credit Code:   914403006670584543

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