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Shenzhen Mimu Technology Co.,Ltd. is a very focused company engaged in the design, development and production of metal and ceramic powder injection molding. The company is located in Shajing Street, Sha Song Road, Ya side of the industrial park B District 4. , The annual production scale has reached more than 20 tons. After years of accumulated technology, the company already has on the powder injection molding process technology and industrial experience; through and Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Science and Technology, Institute of weapons and other institutions for vertical cooperation, continue to get the industry and related fields in the latest technology; Through the provision of quality and stability to customers, excellent performance of the product, won the market a high degree of recognition.

As we all know, due to foreign long-term high-tech tip of the monopoly and trade barriers, fine parts preparation technology backward, so that China’s manufacturing industry has been at the bottom of the industrial chain; the quality of the product on the market can not be similar with the advanced countries Product to compete, often divided in the ranks of low-grade goods. Fortunately, our country’s reform and opening up and global economic integration process, “Made in China” in the international market has opened a good economic situation. Driven by the huge market demand, new technology, new technology, new materials for us to provide the opportunity to catch up. Metal powder injection molding technology for the manufacture of small precision metal parts of the new technology, will be in China, the world’s processing plant to play an important role. In the face of such a golden opportunity, Smith Technology conforms to this market trend, the beach in Shenzhen this front position to establish the bridgehead, in order to achieve powder injection molding technology and customers “zero distance”, face communication, rapid response to customers. To achieve our strategy: “fast, qualified, competitive”, we also hope to win more customer recognition for the future development of the company to win more opportunities.

Metal powder injection molding (ie MIM) is formed by injection molding of metal blanks, and then through the degreasing and sintering shrinkage molding, and then polishing, finishing and other post-processing technology, quickly create high-density, high precision, high strength, three Complex shape of the metal structure parts. (As a special metal) ceramic powder injection molding (ie CIM) and MIM technology is basically similar, collectively referred to as the latest and most promising modern powder injection molding technology, it is the traditional mechanical processing methods insurmountable high-end manufacturing technology, it also With low cost, high efficiency, good consistency, etc., easy to form mass production, known as “the most popular metal parts molding technology.” This new technology to the Chinese designers Smart thinking plug in the free wings, and will be in China’s industrial product design and manufacturing to produce a higher level of innovation value. In order to comply with this historical mission, to seize this new century gives us great opportunities and challenges, the company hopes to strengthen cooperation with the peers and exchanges, learn from each other, and all the partners work together to create the industry’s most Strength and the most promising metal injection molding specialized companies, to enhance the “Made in China” brand’s international core competitiveness of a force.

The company has been able to customize the various types of stainless steel, iron-based, copper, copper, copper Base, tungsten alloy, Kovar alloy and other different materials, the shape of complex, high-performance structure or functional metal parts; also provide users with the corresponding parts of heat treatment, polishing, plating and other ancillary services. Products have been widely used in mobile phones, computers, electronics industry, household appliances, medical equipment, textile machinery, sporting goods, military supplies, automobiles, motorcycles, hardware tools and other fields, directly or indirectly sold to Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea and other countries and regions The

Mamm Technology brings together industry professionals, advocates the power of the group and team operations, adhere to the “staff” is the company’s most important “wealth”, and actively develop staff forward-looking open thinking, condensate team creativity and action to achieve Common ambition. The company uphold the “professional, dedicated, focused” values, follow the “cooperation, integrity, quality and win-win” principle, “to create quality, continuous improvement, caring customers, create value” is the quality of the policy, With the “positive, healthy, environmentally friendly, practical” direction, the magic technology to create the industry’s most powerful and most promising MIM technology professional providers.

we promise:
Fast – Despite the complexity and urgency of the product, we will be the fastest supplier of qualified samples and products.
Qualified – We guarantee that the supply of products is stable, consistent, not lower than the customer requirements of the standard.
Competition – we supply the product performance and price ratio must be the most competitive advantage on the market.
We firmly believe that: character to create products, moral decision service. Welcome and thank each of the attention and support of the technology!

Main Products:

Fiber Hardware Parts, Mobile Phone Hardware Parts, Watches, Glasses Hardware, Medical Equipment Parts, Door Locks Household Tools, Electronic Hardware Parts, Style Office Hardware, Auto Parts, Automatic Catalytic Degreasing Furnace, Stainless Steel Jewelry.


No. Patent Type Number Release Date Abstract
1 Utility Models CN201621308615.1 2017/6/27 Insert gear
2 Published CN201611089695.0 2017/1/25 Insert gear
3 Utility Models CN201620688014.1 2016/12/21 Gear automatic detection system
4 Utility Models CN201620748359.1 2016/12/21 Pneumatic solenoid valve
5 Utility Models CN201620685748.4 2016/12/21 Card support
Registration Number: 914403006853848002
Registered Capital: 2,000,000.00 CNY       
Found Date: 2009-03-18       
Number Of Employees: 500-1000
Business Status: Normal
Type Of Company: Limited Liability Company
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