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Shenzhen Miou precision metal technology Co.,Ltd. is a science and technology company with collection of scientific research and development, production and sales in one, commitment to metal powder injectionmolding technology(MIM) application for research and product development. The company has a rich experience, and constantly innovation high quality research and production capacity. The main products are communication electrics, mobile phone accessories, manual and electric tool parts, auto parts, mechanical and electronic parts and other various special-shaped complex shape of metal and alloy parts dozens of products series. Because of the use of German basf metal powder raw materials and technology formula, have complete product testing system, stable product quality, precision and strength are better than the requirement of customers performance index, obtained the customer widespread praise and general recognition of the industry.
Following the development direction of continue innovation and pursuit of excellence, we are active to promote the progress of metal powder injection molding technology and development by making persistent efforts. Adhering to our service concept of creating value for customer
s, we sincerely hope that we can have more opportunities for related industries manufacturing enterprise to provide quality products and services, grow up together with these manufacturing enterprise, and constantly contribute to improve China’s manufacturing make greater contribution.

Main Products: Titanium Alloy Series,Mobile Phone Accessories Series,Computer Accessories Series,Communication Electronic Series,Power Tool Accessories,Alloy Parts,Auto Parts,Mechanical And Electronic Parts.

Enterprise Certification:Passed

Unified Social Credit Code: 91440300335132929Y

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