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ShenZhen YuJiaXin Hardware Products Co.,Ltd. specializes in producing precision metal parts, all kinds of complex high-precision mechanical parts, all kinds of gears, gear boxes and steering gear and so on.

Companies using the German DOEPFER, Japan’s Mitsubishi, Japan Seiwa SWIWA, Japan supervisor vine KASHIFUJI, Switzerland MIKRON series automatic processing equipment of high precision, and with CAD / CAM systems, electrical discharge machining method and new equipment such as CNC machine tools, precision can be controlled within JIS 0 level-JIS 5 level, DIN 3 level-DIN 9 level, and solve the problem of gear noise, adjust the servo material clearance process is also very mature. In addition, our company comes with sophisticated electronic height gauge 0 to 610 mm (measurable range) 2 L/600μ (error), Japan TOKYO TECHNICAL gear measuring machines, electron microscopy, Vickers hardness meter, Germany ZEISS coordinate measuring machine, imported electronic digital micrometer and other advanced detection equipment, thus ensuring the quality of the product.

The company has a team of experienced R&D team, has been the emphasis on technical and technological aspects of the input, through independent innovation, and customer synchronous development mode formed in the product structure and process aspects of strong advantages, according to the guests want to effect, to design all kinds of new intelligent products. Products are widely used in intelligent robot, intelligent electronic lock, intelligent attendance machine, intelligent Home Furnishing system, electric tools, meat grinder, remote control fuel vehicle, underwater yacht, car lock, glasses, mobile phone, shredders, instrument, beauty equipment, medical equipment, aviation model, watches, ATM; export made products are exported to countries in East Asia, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Macao, Europe, North America and other regions.

In today’s competitive and uncertain environment in our company will continue to introduce new technologies, new techniques, new ideas to improve our products to meet the community’s needs. And quality service to do more to implement the concept, the pursuit of a more perfect state to promote the internationalization of the pace, the community

Main Products: Powder Metallurgy Gear,Worm And Gear,Gear Box,Die Casting Process,Medical Equipment Parts,Hardware Structure,Machining,Ceramic Structure.

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