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Shijiazhuang Jingshi New Material Technology Co.,Ltd. was established in 2007, located in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, Tianjin Jinji is one of the famous powder metallurgy enterprises. The company’s existing independent research and development products: Germany Maya warp knitting machine chain, electric executive gear, automotive oil pump rotor, washing machine gears and other products, the production of powder metallurgy products covered cars, motorcycles, power tools, home appliances, Mechanical parts and other fields. Our company is a set of iron-based, stainless steel, copper-based powder metallurgy structural parts R & D, production and sales of an integrated high-tech enterprises.

Business Scope: Jingshi new materials committed to provide our clients with product drawings or samples based on the development of bulk metal products, production and product structure improvement services. Services include auto parts, motorcycle parts, agricultural machinery parts, power tool parts, home appliances, textile machinery parts and so on.

Jingshi new materials long-term technical research and reserves, is now available through the customer’s steel, castings of the use of conditions, the force will be a considerable part of the parts into powder metallurgy products, so as to reduce the procurement costs for customers, production costs the goal of. We have successfully converted the German Maya warp knitting machine chain, electric executive machine double teeth, large round machine triangle and other steel or cast products into powder metallurgy products for customers to save 15% -80% range Procurement costs, and customers have been widely recognized.
company culture

We have a young, keen, vibrant, ambitious team, in the rapid development of science and technology today, we uphold professional, dedicated, passion, innovation, continuous improvement, the pursuit of perfect development concept, adhere to customer-centric, Their own good at the advantages for customers to solve the most pressing and most practical needs to high-precision, high-performance, high-quality stability of products to provide customers with the perfect service.
Business vision

We and Shijiazhuang Rongxin Technology Co., Ltd. formed a strategic cooperation in two years to create their own all high-automated production lines, the formation of elite personnel for the equipment protection, equipment for product quality and production efficiency protection of the production model. In three years will be made in the country to have a significant influence in the country and the core competitiveness of the benchmarking enterprises in eight years will be made into a major international influence in the stone and the core competitiveness of the benchmarking enterprises.

Main Products: Powder Metallurgy Stainless Steel Parts, Custom Stainless Steel Structural Parts, Parts, Copper-Based Powder Metallurgy Parts, Automobile, Motorcycle Parts, Transmission Parts, Pump Parts, Pneumatic Components, Power Tools, Textile Machinery, Bushings And So On.

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