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Sichuan Kehui industrial Co.,Ltd. founded in May of 1996, is a joint-stock enterprise which specializes in producing, developing and marketing all series of metal powder. Our company has been a member of the “National Welding Material Quality Inspection Center”, as well as a designed enterprise for Electric Equipment General Company on metal power and alloy powder supply.
We got the ISO 9001:2000 certificate in 2001. Based on technology innovation, we have developed over 30 categories with more than 100 specifications of metal powder and ferroalloy powder. Moreover, we never cease to develop new products for our customers’ needs. We have built up good relationship with famous welding rod manufacturers around China. Our products have been sold to hundreds of companies in over 20 provinces and we have been on the way to international market.
All our products have been widely used in metallurgy, welding consumables, cutter, machinery, chemical, scientific research, military industry and so on. Metal powder and alloy powder, as additive of industrial producing, can obviously improve products’ intensity, rigidity, flexibility and other mechanical character and all these have been proved by users. For a long time, our company has been praised for high quality, advanced technology, reasonable price and completed after-sale service.
Since the founding of company, we adhere to the principle that “put the quality and credit first; to satisfy customers with good products and perfect after-sale service”. We need your keen attention and look forward to establishing wide cooperation with your esteem company on the basis of equality and mutual benefit.

Main Products: Nickle Powder,H.C. Ferrochromi,Superfine Iron Powder,Prealloying Powder,Ferromolybdenum Powder,Ferrophosphorus Powder,Tin Powder,Carbonyl Iron Powder,Carbonyl Nickel Powder,Reduced Iron Powder,Magnesium Powder,Molybdenum Powder,Tungsten Powder,Electrolytic Copper Powder,Aluminum Powder,Chromium Metal Powder,Electrolytic Manganese Metal Powder,Ni-based Wc alloy powder for surfacing,Iron base alloy powder for surfacing,Ferrotungsten Powder,Ferro-Silicon Calcium Alloyed Powder,Rare Earth Fluoride,Ruilte,Aluminum-Magnesium Alloyed Powder,Nitrogen Containing Ferrochromium Powder,Ferrophosphorus Powder,Ferrosilicon Powder,Ferroniobium Powder,Rare Earth Ferrosilicon Powder,Ferroboron Powder,Ferrotitanium Powder,Ferrochromium Powder,Ferromanganese Powder.

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