Taian Jie metal technology co.,Ltd.


Taian Jie metal technology co.,ltd. is a high technology company founded by members of Nae and foreign members of CAE, which is specialized in advanced powder metallurgy net shape forming and metal 3D printing. It was established at 2015, and has 306.52 million registered capital. Products of our company apply to automobile industry, aerospace industry, military industry, medical industry and so on.

Our company is located in Taian, Shan Dong province, which is famous of Mount Tai, the first rank of the “Five Sacred Mountains”. It follows the principle of “High Standard and high starting point”, and build modern factory in high-tech development zone of Taian. The company has introduced the most advanced digital shaped machine, welding furnace and other various test equipment. There is an old saying in investment community in Taian, “Investment in Taian is as firm as Mount Tai”, while the belief of our company is “Business starters in Taian always have great quality as Mount Tai.”

Our company takes technology innovation as motivation and makes big investment in aspects of new product development and traditional products upgrading, in order to meet the clients’ demand. We attach great importance to the cultivation of the talents because their potential ability, and aims at world-class talent teams based on the platforms at Hong Kong University, Nanjing University of Science and Technology and Tohoku University Japan. We regard management innovation as the impetus of our development, which push our company to keep innovating, getting adjusted to the market and a efficient operation.
The responsibility of our enterprise is as heavy as Mount Tai. Taian Jerry Metal Technology Ltd. Is just like a rising new star and is ready to accept all the uncertainty and challenges in the future.

Main Products: Powder Metallurgy Sprocket Wheel,Gear Ring,Interlocking Block,Automobile Parts And Other Parts.

Enterprise Certification:Passed

Unified Social Credit Code: 91370900MA3C4R4A6Y

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