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Taiyuan Fuchang New Metal Material Factory is located in Taiyuan City, which has a long history, industrialized and convenient transportation. It was incorporated in 2002. It is one of the core technologies of powder metallurgy copper cladding technology, which is engaged in powder metallurgy copper double metal composite self-lubricating Materials / products specializing in the production of factories, specializing in the production of various types of steel-based copper clad copper bimetallic products.

Taiyuan Fuchang new metal materials plant using advanced powder metallurgy coating technology, research and development and continue to spread to the market of various types of steel-based sintered copper products to steel back (tube, plate, block) as the base, with copper Alloy or solid lubricating material of the copper alloy material for the friction reduction surface, the manufacture of the sleeve (bushings), skateboard (rail) and shaped parts, because it has the same copper alloy or better than copper alloy friction , With the same high strength support steel, good resistance to wear, anti-bite performance, and mechanical processing performance, by the user’s favor and concern.

At present the main products are copper bimetallic self-lubricating bearings / bushings / bushings, copper bimetallic self-lubricating skateboard / slider, copper double metal mold guide, bimetallic wear plate, seamless bimetallic steel plate Sets and other products. Piston pump cylinder for the enterprise to develop new products.

The product has high mechanical strength, good anti-friction performance, self-lubricating, overall no side seam, low manufacturing cost, is ideal for casting all-copper bushings, skateboards and sintered copper bushings and skateboards. , Has been widely used in various industries machinery and equipment. Such as rolling stock, construction machinery, textile machinery, rolling machinery, plastic machinery, lifting machinery, processing machinery, metallurgical machinery, coal machinery, coking machinery, mold mold, mining machinery, automobiles and other machinery and equipment.

The enterprises also contract iron-based, copper-based powder metallurgy processing, especially ultra-thin, long pieces of processing. Taiyuan Fuchang New Metal Material Factory is a copper-clad bimetallic self-lubricating bearing / bushings / bushings, copper-clad bimetallic self-lubricating rails / skateboards / slides, copper clad metal mold guide plate / wear plate, other bimetallic Products, powder metallurgy copper composite self-lubricating materials / products and other products specializing in the production and processing of the company, with a complete and scientific quality management system. Taiyuan Fuchang new metal materials factory integrity, strength and quality of products recognized by the industry. Welcome friends from all walks of life come to visit, guidance and business negotiations.

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Fuchang concept: science and technology as a precursor to the perfect product
Fu Chang purpose: to the credibility of development, services to do a thorough

Main Products:   Powder Metallurgy Copper-clad Metal Bearings, Copper Cladding, Copper-Clad Metal Plate, Powder Metallurgy Self-lubricating Rail, Powder Metallurgy Self-lubricating Gasket, Powder Metallurgy Self-lubricating Guide Plate , Powder Metallurgy Bimetallic Shaped Parts, Powder Metallurgy Plunger Pump Cylinder, Powder Metallurgy Car Steel Plate Bushing.

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