Taizhou City Ruian Carbide Tools Co., Ltd.

Taizhou City Ruian Carbide Tools Co., Ltd. a private joint-stock enterprises, in March 20, 2013 incorporated. The company is located in mainland China, the first ray of light projection —— Wenling City, where convenient transportation, from Shanghai to Wenling as long as more than two hours of travel time. The company has a unique carbide cutting tool market information resources, the largest domestic tool trading center – Zhejiang Wenxi tooling cutting tool trading center in close proximity.

The company mainly engaged in high-performance carbide cutting tool production and sales, Chi Juzi introduced PVA carbide pressure sintering furnace, Switzerland Oswald pressure machine, Ionbond coating furnace and other international high-level equipment. Set up a starting point from the beginning of the mixture to the NC cutting blade high starting point production line.

The company continues to provide a variety of physical, chemical coating grades of high-precision turning, milling, boring, drilling, cutting, slotting and threading of the indexable CNC blade. Has been introduced for different processed materials, the blade grades and with the corresponding finishing, semi-finishing and rough processing chip breaker type. To provide customers with fast, accurate pre-sale, sale, after-sales service. And continue to introduce suitable for the mold industry, the automotive industry, the compressor industry, advanced cutting tools.

The company has a group of materials, slot design, blade production and development experience of professional and technical personnel, development and production of excellent performance of the carbide substrate and CVD, PVD coating coating products; sound quality control system, to To ensure product quality and stability. In the company’s technical staff accounted for more than 30% of the total number of employees.

Companies adhering to the “forge ahead, safe and efficient” business philosophy, all the interests of customers for the machinery industry to provide long-term reliable service.

Main Products:

Negative Angle Of The Blade,Angle Of The Blade Is,CNC Milling CNC Blade,A Series Of,R Series,Thread Cutting Tool,Cut The Cutting Blade,Three Dimensional Cutting Groove ISO Metric Thread (External Thread).


No. Patent Type Number Release Date Abstract
1 Utility Models CN201620903530.1 2017/2/8 A remotable turning tool
2 Published CN201610647320.5 2017/1/4 A multi-function blade with a radial cut, cut and axial turning
3 Appearance Design CN201630377617.5 2016/12/14 Turning blade (T type)
4 Appearance Design CN201630377616.0 2016/12/14 Cylindrical turning blade
5 Appearance Design CN201630344472.9 2016/12/14 Cutting blade
6 Appearance Design CN201630377610.3 2016/12/14 Turning blade
7 Appearance Design CN201630377609.0 2016/12/14 Internal hole turning blade
8 Appearance Design CN201630344476.7 2016/12/14 Indexable turning blade
9 Utility Models CN201520536794.3 2016/1/20 A thread cutting blade
10 Appearance Design CN201530359765.X 2016/1/13 Rough milling cutter
11 Appearance Design CN201530359563.5 2016/1/13 Milling cutter blade
12 Utility Models CN201520599462.X 2015/12/23 A round milling cutter
13 Appearance Design CN201530267997.2 2015/12/2 Multi-function cutting blade
14 Utility Models CN201520541846.6 2015/11/18 A remotable turning tool
15 Utility Models CN201520537001.X 2015/11/18 An inner – hole turning – cutting blade
16 Utility Models CN201520541819.9 2015/11/18 Indexable turning blade
17 Appearance Design CN201430293107.0 2015/4/1 Turning blade (type C)
18 Published CN201410559261.7 2015/1/28 Turning with indexable blade
19 Appearance Design CN201430292921.0 2015/1/21 Turning blade (W type)
20 Utility Models CN201420606329.8 2015/1/21 Turning with indexable blade
21 Appearance Design CN201430293101.3 2015/1/21 Threading tool blade
Registration Number: 91331081064187484E
Registered Capital: 5,000,000.00 CNY       
Found Date: 2013-03-20     
Number Of Employees: 100-500
Business Status: Normal
Type Of Company: Limited Liability Company
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