Tianjin Zhonghuan Sanfeng Electronic Co.,Ltd.

Tianjin Zhonghuan Sanfeng Electronic Co.,Ltd. is an enterprise with the quaternary of production, scientific research, distribution and service. It has a possessive area of 54 thousands square meters including 33.5 thousands square meters for workshop architectural area.

The company has a perfect technical development and quality management system. Also the company has a bridle-wise quality management team with dozens of technical specialists engaging in mechanical,electronic and mold design & manufacturing for many years.

The company has many high precision productive equipments: 21 manufacturing lathes, 25 punching machines, 65 high-precision plastic-injection machines manufacturing all kinds of plastic parts, inspection equipments and 23 advanced assembling product lines.

The main products of our company include: precision plastic injection, pressing parts, MIM parts, designing & manufacturing of plastic-injection tooling and pressing tooling, chargers, electric toothbrush, high-grade cassette tape mechanism and humidifier.

Under the benefit target of “Belief of client is our most eager”. Our company will develop ourselves among the international circulation and have built long-term cooperation with many multinational enterprises in the fields of cellular phone charger, Electronic RCD parts, ink box of printing machine and DVD cassette parts.

Quality policy:Customers’ satisfaction Practical and innovative Improve continuously
Environment Tactic: Obey all the laws and regulations Pay attention to source prevention Insist on improving continuously

Main Products:

Mobile Phone Charger Base,Vocality,Humidifier Electric Toothbrush,MIM,Precision Plastic Tooling,Process Products.


No. Patent Type Number Release Date Abstract
1 Published CN201710453049.6 2017/8/29 A sensor sealing sleeve and vacuum pump integral controller and sealing method
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3 Appearance Design CN201630068494.7 2016/9/7 Electronic robot fly (i-l33e)
4 Utility Models CN201620264224.8 2016/9/7 Fixed device for gate electrode
5 Utility Models CN201620068682.4 2016/8/31 Optically controlled vacuuming device
6 Utility Models CN201620068683.9 2016/8/31 Purification and dust removal bins for camera production
7 Appearance Design CN201630068492.8 2016/7/27 Heating fan (PTC)
8 Published CN201610047291.9 2016/7/13 Electrode used for ozone generator
9 Published CN201610198353.6 2016/6/1 A fixed device for gate electrode
10 Published CN201610198352.1 2016/6/1 A device for removing the burr of threaded die casting parts
11 Published CN201610137917.5 2016/5/11 A process method for a disc tooth mold cavity
12 Published CN201610137916.0 2016/5/11 A clamping device used to assemble an insurance seat
13 Published CN201610039486.9 2016/5/4 A tubular capacitor is used to cut off the shaping device
14 Published CN201610047294.2 2016/4/27 A light – controlled vacuuming device
15 Published CN201610047295.7 2016/4/13 A purified dust box for camera production
16 Published CN201610039487.3 2016/4/13 A fixed device used for mold cavity
17 Published CN201610049443.9 2016/3/30 A process method for mold cavity processing
18 Authorization CN201410056149.1 2016/1/6 A resetting lamp assembly device
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20 Utility Models CN201520156607.9 2015/7/22 Fixed device for inclined top part
21 Utility Models CN201520156347.5 2015/7/22 A flat mould with anti-peeling waste nail
22 Utility Models CN201520156366.8 2015/7/22 Tooth electrode fixation device
23 Utility Models CN201520156608.3 2015/7/22 Fixed device for edm wire cutting machine tool
24 Published CN201510121589.5 2015/6/24 A fixed device used for edm wire cutting machine tool
25 Published CN201510120860.3 2015/6/24 An ultraviolet lamp control circuit that adjusts the power of the light
26 Utility Models CN201520027021.2 2015/6/24 Electric toothbrush with lighting
27 Published CN201510120630.7 2015/6/24 A fixed device for an inclined top part
28 Utility Models CN201520027022.7 2015/6/24 Fixed device for thin strip electrode
29 Utility Models CN201520027260.8 2015/6/24 Mobile metal cato plastic device
30 Published CN201510121307.1 2015/6/17 A flat die with anti-slabbed waste nail
31 Published CN201510121590.8 2015/6/17 A tooth electrode holder
32 Utility Models CN201520027212.9 2015/6/3 The automatic regulating power of the ultraviolet lamp control circuit
33 Utility Models CN201520027811.0 2015/6/3 A device for measuring ozone production
34 Authorization CN201310341060.5 2015/5/27 An independent suspension mechanism
35 Published CN201510020278.X 2015/5/27 A device for measuring ozone production
36 Published CN201510019833.7 2015/4/29 A fixed device used for thin strip electrodes
37 Published CN201510019823.3 2015/4/22 An electric toothbrush with lighting
38 Published CN201510020026.7 2015/4/22 A mobile metal cato device
39 Published CN201510019948.6 2015/4/8 A power – regulating ultraviolet lamp control circuit
40 Published CN201410355350.X 2015/1/7 A mould parts placement device
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44 Utility Models CN201420405346.5 2014/11/26 Glue stick joint positioning device
45 Appearance Design CN201430120218.1 2014/11/26 Biodust collector
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47 Published CN201410349655.X 2014/10/29 A fixture on the side of a machining electrode
48 Appearance Design CN201430120226.6 2014/10/15 Humidifier (JS – 5399J)
49 Appearance Design CN201430120205.4 2014/10/15 Polished plate
50 Appearance Design CN201430120259.0 2014/10/15 Double row curve flat dropper
51 Appearance Design CN201430120225.1 2014/10/15 Automatic foil cutting machine
52 Published CN201410349577.3 2014/10/8 A wet biological dust collector
53 Published CN201410349616.X 2014/10/1 An ozone electrode holder
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55 Appearance Design CN201430120239.3 2014/9/3 Electronic robot fly (i-n53e)
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61 Utility Models CN201420071664.2 2014/8/13 Automatic polishing clamping device
62 Utility Models CN201420071670.8 2014/8/13 Reset lamp assembly device
63 Utility Models CN201420071657.2 2014/8/13 Assembly clamping device
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65 Utility Models CN201420169095.5 2014/8/13 The metal parts cut off the forming device
66 Utility Models CN201420169096.X 2014/8/13 Line clamp device
67 Utility Models CN201420169097.4 2014/8/13 Nut retaining device
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77 Published CN201410139945.1 2014/7/9 A nut fixture
78 Authorization CN201210238014.8 2014/6/25 Automatic parts receiving device
79 Authorization CN201110304773.5 2014/4/9 Auxiliary welding device
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81 Utility Models CN201320409077.5 2014/2/5 Fixed device for machining electrodes
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83 Utility Models CN201320518666.7 2014/2/5 Automatic foil cutting machine
84 Utility Models CN201320479655.2 2014/2/5 Digital timing control circuit
85 Appearance Design CN201330376820.7 2014/2/5 Electronic robot fly (i-40b)
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87 Utility Models CN201320247842.8 2013/12/18 Device for preventing the molds from collapsing
88 Utility Models CN201320415113.9 2013/12/18 A fixture for bulk machining of electrodes
89 Utility Models CN201320247877.1 2013/12/11 Fixed device for electrode cutting
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101 Appearance Design CN201330070945.7 2013/8/14 Electronic robot fly (i-90e)
102 Published CN201310168704.5 2013/7/31 A device that prevents the molds from collapsing
103 Published CN201310071426.1 2013/5/22 A tool fixed car
104 Published CN201310071427.6 2013/5/22 A fixed device for mold die
105 Authorization CN201010526546.2 2013/1/30 Automatic parts receiving device
106 Utility Models CN201220340529.4 2013/1/9 A rotary gate insert
107 Published CN201210397152.0 2013/1/9 A scale cleaning ball
108 Utility Models CN201220334330.0 2013/1/9 A fixed device for moulding
109 Utility Models CN201220334294.8 2013/1/9 A fully automatic parts receiving device
110 Published CN201210397062.1 2013/1/9 A single brush head electric toothbrush
111 Published CN201210397108.X 2013/1/2 A double brush electric toothbrush
112 Utility Models CN201220142136.2 2012/12/19 A fixture for electrodes
113 Utility Models CN201220122576.1 2012/11/21 Die dressing table
114 Utility Models CN201220122578.0 2012/11/21 Electronic flytrap locking mechanism
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116 Published CN201210238014.8 2012/11/7 Automatic parts receiving device
117 Published CN201210238940.5 2012/10/24 A fixed device for moulding
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122 Published CN201210086089.9 2012/7/25 Die dressing table
123 Published CN201210086090.1 2012/7/4 Electronic flytrap locking mechanism
124 Utility Models CN201120382683.3 2012/6/27 Auxiliary welding device
125 Appearance Design CN201130358561.6 2012/5/23 The voice of the voiceover
126 Utility Models CN201120382682.9 2012/5/23 Electronic trap window board hinge mechanism
127 Published CN201110304771.6 2012/4/11 Electronic trap window board hinge mechanism
128 Appearance Design CN201130356801.9 2012/3/14 Auxiliary welding device
129 Utility Models CN201120230507.8 2012/3/14 Infrared ball type cloud platform
130 Appearance Design CN201130356799.5 2012/3/14 Coil skeleton
131 Appearance Design CN201130356802.3 2012/3/14 Remove die-casting parts burrs
132 Appearance Design CN201130365031.4 2012/3/7 voiceover
133 Authorization CN201010526557.0 2012/2/22 Mold watercourse seal detection device
134 Published CN201110304773.5 2012/2/22 Auxiliary welding device
135 Utility Models CN201120140058.8 2012/2/22 A stamping die with riveting device
136 Appearance Design CN201130205936.5 2012/2/22 Microprojector (wt11-1)
137 Appearance Design CN201130356800.4 2012/2/22 Multi-edged composite turning tool
138 Utility Models CN201120230500.6 2012/2/22 The switch button is not adjustable
139 Appearance Design CN201130358536.8 2012/2/22 Humidifier printing plate (js-6399fs)
140 Appearance Design CN201130191056.7 2012/1/4 Yuntai (9018-1)
141 Appearance Design CN201130191058.6 2011/12/21 Yuntai (9018-3)
142 Appearance Design CN201130191054.8 2011/12/21 Microprojector (wt11-2)
143 Utility Models CN201120051608.9 2011/12/14 Insert polishing device
144 Utility Models CN201120140059.2 2011/12/14 The injection mold will automatically tip out of the device
145 Appearance Design CN201130191055.2 2011/12/7 Yuntai (9818)
146 Utility Models CN201120051610.6 2011/12/7 Injection mold top out device
147 Utility Models CN201120140062.4 2011/12/7 Injection mold internal pumping unit
148 Utility Models CN201120152811.5 2011/12/7 New precision stamping die
149 Utility Models CN201120152810.0 2011/12/7 The parts top out the device
150 Utility Models CN201120140060.5 2011/12/7 Forming “U” shaped stamping die
151 Authorization CN201010254462.8 2011/12/7 Fastening device for mounting screws
152 Published CN201110048878.9 2011/9/7 Insert polishing device
153 Utility Models CN201120051609.3 2011/9/7 Screw mounting
154 Utility Models CN201020585165.7 2011/8/3 Automatic parts receiving device
155 Utility Models CN201020585183.5 2011/8/3 Mold watercourse seal detection device
156 Published CN201110048880.6 2011/7/27 Injection mold top out device
157 Published CN201110048879.3 2011/6/15 Screw mounting
158 Utility Models CN201020585185.4 2011/6/15 Mixing machine discharging device
159 Published CN201010526546.2 2011/5/18 Automatic parts receiving device
160 Utility Models CN201020517592.1 2011/5/11 Injection mold top out device
161 Appearance Design CN201030569982.9 2011/5/11 Humidifier (JS – 53998 – j)
162 Published CN200910228147.5 2011/5/11 Loading belt forming machine
163 Appearance Design CN201030569969.3 2011/5/11 Humidifier (JS – 53980 – j)
164 Utility Models CN201020585198.1 2011/5/11 Injection mold top rod type gate
165 Appearance Design CN201030570011.6 2011/5/11 Humidifier (fj JS – 5399)
166 Appearance Design CN201030569966.X 2011/5/11 Humidifier (JS – 53990 – j)
167 Published CN200910228148.X 2011/5/11 Thermal evaporation humidifier
168 Published CN200910228146.0 2011/5/11 Double brush head electric toothbrush
169 Utility Models CN201020517584.7 2011/5/11 The fixed device for the slanting pin of injection mold
170 Utility Models CN201020522959.9 2011/4/27 Die set
171 Appearance Design CN201030569997.5 2011/4/27 Humidifier (JS – 5398 j2)
172 Utility Models CN201020517574.3 2011/4/27 Layered seal mold water nozzle
173 Published CN201010526559.X 2011/4/13 Mixing machine discharging device
174 Published CN201010276692.4 2011/2/16 Die set
175 Published CN201010272864.0 2011/2/16 Layered seal mold water nozzle
176 Utility Models CN201020293297.2 2011/2/16 Fastening device for mounting screws
177 Published CN201010526557.0 2011/2/9 Mold watercourse seal detection device
178 Published CN201010526563.6 2011/2/2 Injection mold top rod type gate
179 Published CN201010272855.1 2011/2/2 The fixed device for the slanting pin of injection mold
180 Published CN201010272849.6 2011/1/12 Injection mold top out device
181 Appearance Design CN201030274546.9 2011/1/5 The tip of a small part of the device
182 Appearance Design CN201030239495.6 2011/1/5 Fastening device for mounting screws
183 Appearance Design CN201030239484.8 2011/1/5 A device for connecting magnetic parts
184 Appearance Design CN201030239482.9 2011/1/5 Powder quantitative filling device
185 Published CN201010254462.8 2010/12/15 Fastening device for mounting screws
186 Utility Models CN201020121750.1 2010/10/27 Powder quantitative filling device
187 Utility Models CN201020143295.5 2010/10/27 A small part of the top chamfering device
188 Utility Models CN201020043206.X 2010/10/27 A device for receiving magnetic parts
189 Appearance Design CN200930122212.7 2010/8/25 Humidifier (LB745)
190 Utility Models CN200920250156.X 2010/8/25 Thermal evaporation humidifier
191 Utility Models CN200920250161.0 2010/8/11 Loading belt forming machine
192 Appearance Design CN200930122211.2 2010/8/11 Humidifier (JS6399FS)
193 Utility Models CN200920250160.6 2010/8/11 Single brush head electric toothbrush
194 Appearance Design CN200930122213.1 2010/8/11 Humidifier (JS5309FJ)
195 Utility Models CN200920250162.5 2010/8/4 Double brush head electric toothbrush
196 Utility Models CN200920250159.3 2010/8/4 Scale cleaning ball
197 Utility Models CN200920098768.1 2010/5/26 Plastic parts cutting device
198 Utility Models CN200920097296.8 2010/5/12 Low power electrode humidifier
199 Appearance Design CN200930121232.2 2010/2/3 Electric toothbrush
200 Utility Models CN200920096038.8 2009/12/23 Negative pressure suction device
201 Utility Models CN200820144010.2 2009/10/21 Electrode humidifier
202 Utility Models CN200820142370.9 2009/7/22 Double brush head electric toothbrush
203 Appearance Design CN200830082704.3 2009/7/22 Humidifier (electrode type)
204 Utility Models CN200820075052.5 2009/3/4 The cutter is expected to cut off the pneumatic cutting device
205 Utility Models CN200820074015.2 2009/1/7 A pneumatic fixture for installing metal inserts in mold cavity
206 Appearance Design CN200730282576.2 2008/12/17 humidifier
207 Utility Models CN200720098302.2 2008/12/10 Single brush head electric toothbrush
208 Utility Models CN200720098301.8 2008/9/24 The switch button is not adjustable
209 Utility Models CN200520026049.0 2007/1/31 Loading belt forming machine
210 Utility Models CN200420029644.5 2005/9/21 Scale cleaning ball
211 Utility Models CN200420029503.3 2005/8/10 Thermal evaporation humidifier
212 Appearance Design CN200430076735.X 2005/2/9 Thermal evaporation humidifier
213 Appearance Design CN03308103.4 2003/10/15 Electric toothbrush charger
214 Utility Models CN02238015.9 2003/6/11 Electric toothbrush
215 Utility Models CN02238014.0 2003/5/14 Electric toothbrush
Registration Number: 91120000700515419E
Registered Capital: 30,000,000.00 CNY       
Found Date: 1998-01-08        
Number Of Employees: 500-1000
Business Status: Normal
Type Of Company: Limited Liability Company
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