Tiantai Mingtai Filter Material Co.,Ltd.


Tiantai Mingtai Filter Material Co.,Ltd. (MFM) is a professional hi-tech enterprise, a researcher, developer and manufacturer of sintered metal filter material (metal powder porous material). Our main products are sintered stainless steel filter core, sintered bronze filter core, sintered titanium filter core. MFM has national 1st class equipment, advanced manufacture engineering and inspection device, cooperating with famous Chinese institutions, providing customers with excellent sintered metal filter material (SMFM). Its metal powder(stainless steel, bronze, titanium) SMFM product, sintered multi-layered stainless steel mesh product, sintered stainless steel fiber felt product are vastly used in fields such as aerospace, aviation, petroleum, chemical industry, chemical fiber, mechanical, instrument, biology, pharmaceutical, food, water purification and dedusting etc. Our goal is to provide customers with 1st class products, & be an expert in microporous filter material. Based on principle of integrity, professionalism, & top quality, we strive to provide customers with excellent products and services.

Main Products: Stainless Steel Powder Bearing, Stainless Steel Mechanical Parts, Sintered Metal Porous Material, Sintered Metal Porous Material, Stainless Steel Powder Sintered Filter, Ultra Pure Filtration, Filtration And Separation, Silencing Noise Reduction, Explosion-Proof Flame Retardant, Gas Sampling, Aeration, Fluidization, Gas Damping, Current Limiting Steady Flow, Antifreeze Cooling, Etc. Filter Sintered Metal Porous Material Applications.

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Unified Social Credit Code: 91331023693624755C

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