Toshikatsu precision machinery limited company of Shenzhen

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Toshikatsu precision machinery limited company of Shenzhen, are precision mechanical parts, devices, mobile hardware, a variety of materials development, sales of hardware and equipment professional manufacturing enterprises. Company customer focused on precision instruments, electronics, electrical appliances, automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, electric tools, communications, instrumentation, Office equipment, toys, medical equipment, shredding machinery, packaging machinery, light industry, mechanical and electrical products and other Chinese and foreign trade enterprises, company has many sets of advanced domestic and imported equipment, and mechanical components of the latest quality testing equipment. Excellent equipment, advanced technology not only for the manufacture of high-precision, high-quality products and timeliness of supply provides a strong guarantee and sound processing equipment can produce a full set of gear and the surrounding parts. Company have several technicians with extensive experience, professional attitude and dedication to the spirit, dedicated to high technology, new materials, new techniques, new product development, production, and to provide strong quality tracking and technical services. The company carrying out the true meaning of ISO’s management philosophy, with professional techniques, high-quality product quality, good service has won the trust and support of customers at home and abroad.

Pressing and injection moulding powder metallurgy products of our company have been applied to sophisticated electronic equipment, computers, mobile phones and other emerging industries. A variety of gearboxes, transmission, multi material, shaped structural parts, such as gear of the movement are exported to North America, Southeast Asia, Europe, the Middle East and other countries and regions.
Company’s service tenet: to meet customer requirements, exceed customer expectations, the pursuit of the best quality.

Main Products:

Pressing Moulding,Injection Molding,Smart Wear Accessories Precision Parts.


No. Patent Type Number Release Date Abstract
1 Utility Models CN201521040241.5 2016/8/3 A crossbow insurance device
2 Utility Models CN201521039237.7 2016/6/29 A crossbow switch device
3 Utility Models CN201521039143.X 2016/6/22 A decorative master mould
4 Utility Models CN201521040242.X 2016/6/22 A part of the head of a kind of dragon beard noodle
5 Utility Models CN201521039286.0 2016/6/22 A crossbow release device
6 Utility Models CN201521039103.5 2016/5/18 A kind of decorative accessory molds
7 Utility Models CN201521042935.2 2016/5/18 A kind of hand – rolling machine head piece
8 Utility Models CN201521039995.9 2016/5/18 A mobile phone card slot shaping tool
9 Utility Models CN201521039416.0 2016/5/18 A kind of round face extrusion machine head piece
10 Utility Models CN201521043049.1 2016/5/18 A decoration of the main brand shaping tool
11 Utility Models CN201521040244.9 2016/5/18 A decorative auxiliary plastic tool
12 Utility Models CN201521039075.7 2016/5/18 A piece of cutting face of a blade
Registration Number: 9144030077030262XG
Registered Capital: 1,000,000.00 CNY       
Found Date: 2004-12-20  
Number Of Employees: 50-100
Business Status: Normal
Type Of Company: Limited Liability Company
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