Wengyuan County was strong powder metallurgy Co.,Ltd.

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Wengyuan County was strong powder metallurgy Co.,Ltd. (formerly Foshan City, South China Sea was strong powder metallurgy Co.,Ltd.) was established in June 2001. Plant area of ​​nearly 2,000 square meters, the company specializes in powder metallurgy products manufacturing, development, has a long engaged in powder metallurgy research. Production of high, intermediate skills and skilled skilled workers team. According to the sample drawings to produce iron-based, stainless steel-based gears, bearings, powder metallurgy gears and other powder metallurgy parts. Has a perfect quality assurance system. Company grid Shou “quality first, credit first” purpose, enthusiasm for the new and old customers to provide services.

Our aim: regardless of business size, product technology simple, well-designed, well-made, dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Our strategy: to quality of survival, to the credibility of development.

Our pursuit: always meet your production process requirements.

Our commitment: the pursuit of low-cost, but never to sacrifice the quality of products in exchange for low-cost.

Our route: continue to increase investment in science and technology, continuous technological innovation, transformation, improve product quality, and constantly develop high, refined, sharp products, absorb international and domestic advanced technology, so that their industry more competitive power, For customer service.

Our quality policy is: a first-class products, a first-class service, so that “stronger” products to meet your needs;

China’s accession to the WTO and the rapid development of the economy to the enterprise into a new vitality, we are more dedicated service attitude, flexible mode of operation for the industry supporting services, “strong” is willing to cooperate sincerely with you, the common pioneering and innovative, conspiracy development of.

Main Products: Automobile, Motorcycle Parts; Such As: Valve To Sit, Valve Duct, Pump Rotor And Various Sets Of Gears, Gears, Various Household Appliances Motor, All Kinds Of Fans, Range Hood, Vacuum Cleaner Oil Bearing, Bushings, Gears And Special-Shaped Structural Parts, Small Gears On Wheels, Wheels, Miniature Bearings, Bushings, Pneumatic Tools, The Power Tools On The Box, The Impact Of Blocks, Gears, Wear-Resistant Structural Parts On The Counter, Transmission Gear, Shredder Parts Of The Shredders, Transmission Gears, Fitness Massage On The Connection Sleeve, Eccentric Block, Lock On A Variety Of Special-Shaped Structural Parts, Knitting Machinery, Sewing Machine, Sewing Machine On The Transmission Gear, Sleeve, Mouth, Crab Feet, Shell And Other Sets Of Special-Shaped Structure, Other Mechanical Equipment Transmission Gear, High-Strength Structural Parts, High Specific Gravity Alloy.

Enterprise Certification:Passed

Unified Social Credit Code: 91440229731453820C

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