Wuxi Baqter Carbide & Ceramics Co.,Ltd.

  • No.9, zhang shai road, hutai industrial park, binhu district, wuxi city, jiangsu province
  • http://www.baqter.com
  • +86-510-88230618/ +86-13606183680

Wuxi Baqter Carbide & Ceramics Co.,Ltd. is located at no.9 zhangshhe road, hutai industrial park, binhu district, wuxi city

The right thing is to use the most economical cost to meet the needs of the customer – that’s our business philosophy. Our goal is to ensure your quality requirements, to help you to reduce costs, so that you can get the most benefit from every penny we have here.

We have rich practical experience, and have advanced engineers with high attainments in theory research. We can tailor the products you need to make the product the most suitable for your use, ensuring that you can achieve better results with the lowest cost.

We have complete production equipment and testing equipment, in accordance with the ISO9001 standards established a complete set of quality management system, from raw materials, strict control of each working procedure, guarantee the quality of the quality of the products meet your requirements.

Main Products:

Cemented Carbide Products ,Bulletproof Ceramic Products,Powder Metallurgical Products,Cermet,Tungsten-Copper Alloy Products,Zirconium Oxide Product,Tungsten Steel Mold,Shock Tool Rod,Silicon Carbide,Hard Alloy Wear – Resistant Parts ,Hard Alloy Ball Teeth ,Carbide Rotary File ,Hard Alloy Strips ,Hard Alloy Textile Accessories ,Carbide Ball ,Carbide Guide ,Hard Alloy Surface Coating Blade ,Hard Alloy Bent ,Hard Alloy Bit ,Hard Alloy Knife Head ,Carbide Nozzle,Hard Alloy Sealing Ring, Hard Alloy Conductance,Bulletproof Ceramic Ring And Whole Plate ,High Temperature Ceramic Sintering With Saggar ,Bulletproof Ceramic Version ,Bulletproof Ceramic Matching Ball ,Bullet-Proof Ceramic Ball ,Bulletproof Ceramic Products,Steel Ring ,Wuxi Steel Combined With Gold Ring ,High Temperature Steel Combined With Gold Ring ,Steel Combined With Gold Nozzle Cover,Steel Combined With Gold Nozzles,The Injection Mold Wuxi Injection Mold,Tungsten Steel Wire Drawing Die,Tungsten Steel Drawing Die,Tungsten Steel Mold.

Registration Number: 9132021178438972XB
Registered Capital: 1,000,000.00 CNY       
Found Date: 2006-01-17       
Number Of Employees: 50-100
Business Status: Normal
Type Of Company: Limited Liability Company
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