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Xiangtan Xinda Powder Metallurgical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.  is a high-tech enterprise integrating development, design, manufacturing and operation. Professional design, manufacturing, sales of powder raw materials preparation, mixing materials preparation, pressing molding, vacuum sintering and other four series of powder metallurgy equipment. Especially in the manufacture of hard alloy production equipment has its own unique technical advantages, established its own product brand. At present, our company has designed a complete set of equipment to meet the requirements of various powder metallurgy products. Company technical force is abundant, has a researcher level senior engineer 3 people, senior engineer 5 engaged in powder metallurgy equipment manufacturing, engineering and technical management personnel 7 people, has a wealth of production management experience, for domestic and foreign some powder metallurgy products manufacturer to provide production lines, manufacturing sales equipment 2000 Taiwan (sets). Now my company established deep relations of cooperation with many domestic manufacturers, with a taiwanese-invested enterprises Asia tungsten steel king – xiamen spring precision tungsten steel products co., LTD., dick (hunan) cemented carbide co., LTD has the long-term business between us. Sino-foreign joint ventures include: shandong bright tungsten molybdenum co., LTD. (sino-german joint venture) and other long-term business dealings. Asia’s largest cemented carbide enterprises – zhuzhou cemented carbide factory, sichuan zigong cemented carbide factory, chengdu carbide factory, central south university, and state key laboratory of powder metallurgy research institute, hunan ngan chau cemented carbide co., LTD., and other enterprises, have the company production equipment and production line. In recent years, the company with the central south university, changsha metallurgy design institute and several domestic colleges and universities to establish the cooperation relations, the research and development of new equipment, to explore a lot of new technology, and master the first-hand materials. We have full confidence in the future of the powder metallurgy industry. In the process of working closely with users, we deeply understand that only constant innovation can produce more and better equipment for users, and users will use such devices. At present, the company is ready to explore new areas in other industries and open a new way for the development of the company. We are convinced that there is no limit to the development of technology, and our pursuit cannot be stopped. We will use the abundant technical strength, the perfect after – sale service, to meet the user’s request. Our company has passed iso9001:2000 quality standard system certification, is a high-tech enterprise in hunan province.

Main Products:

6mpa Pressure Sintering Furnace 3312 Type, 10mpa Pressure Sintering Furnace 5518 Type, 6mpa Pressure Sintering Furnace 5518 Type, 1mpa Pressure Sintering Furnace 5518 Type, Hydrogen Sintering Furnace, Vacuum Sintering Dewaxing Furnace, 16T / 50T Powder Forming Hydraulic Press, Continuous High Temperature Molybdenum Wire Carbonization Furnace, Rotary Calciner, XDGM Dry Ball Mill, Ten (Four) Five Tube Reduction Furnace, Granulator, Tilting Wet Mill, Z Type Mixed Dryer.


No. Patent Type Number Release Date Abstract
1 Published CN201510462113.8 2017/2/15 Wet mill
2 Utility Models CN201520567742.2 2015/12/23 Wet mill
3 Appearance Design CN201330336029.3 2014/4/9 Pressure sintering furnace(XDLY-5518-6MPa/10MPa)
4 Appearance Design CN201330335851.8 2014/4/9 Calcination furnace(蓝钨炉XDLW-00)
5 Appearance Design CN201330336027.4 2014/4/9 Pressure sintering furnace(XDJ1-5518-1MPa)
6 Appearance Design CN201330336049.0 2014/4/9 Continuous high temperature molybdenum wire furnace(XDHM-00)
7 Appearance Design CN201230322357.3 2012/12/12 Vacuum sintering dewaxing body furnace
8 Appearance Design CN201230322374.7 2012/11/28 Powder forming machine(N系列50T)
9 Appearance Design CN201230279220.4 2012/11/28 Industrial furnace dewaxing device(YT29)
10 Appearance Design CN201230322355.4 2012/11/28 Vacuum sintering dewaxing body furnace
11 Appearance Design CN201230322383.6 2012/11/28 Powder forming machine(N系列16T)
12 Appearance Design CN201130400361.2 2012/5/30 Pressure furnace(YT29)
13 Appearance Design CN201130400385.8 2012/5/16 Electric control cabinet(XDYT-16)
14 Appearance Design CN201130400370.1 2012/4/11 Mixing dryer
15 Appearance Design CN201130400381.X 2012/4/4 Industrial furnace
16 Appearance Design CN201130400365.0 2012/4/4 pelletizer(XDZL)
17 Appearance Design CN201130400366.5 2012/3/21 Vibrating screen(XDFD)
18 Appearance Design CN201130400382.4 2012/3/21 Transformer(XDYT-17)
19 Appearance Design CN201130400362.7 2012/3/21 Wet milling machine(XDY/B)
20 Appearance Design CN200430031831.2 2005/2/23 Pressure vacuum sintering furnace
21 Appearance Design CN200430031833.1 2005/2/9 Label
22 Appearance Design CN200430031832.7 2005/2/9 Vacuum dewaxing integral furnace
Registration Number: 91430300MA4L72JD4E
Registered Capital: 20,000,000.00 CNY       
Found Date: 2016-10-27       
Number Of Employees: 100-500
Business Status: Normal
Type Of Company: Limited Liability Company
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