Xingcheng Powder Metallurgy Co.,Ltd.


Xingcheng Powder Metallurgy Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1971, with 40 years of experience in the production of powder products, in December 1996, in Xingcheng municipal government under the leadership of the restructuring of private enterprises, the existing staff of 450 people, including engineering Technical staff 88 people. The total assets of the company’s existing 14,470.6 million yuan, of which the flow of assets of 109.089 million yuan, the original value of fixed assets of 114.496 million yuan, the main mechanical processing equipment more than 500 Taiwan, asset-liability ratio of 38.6%.

The company achieved sales revenue in 2011 112.968 million yuan, profits of 10.673 million yuan, taxes 8.5 million yuan, the bank’s credit rating by the Agricultural Bank of China awarded the “AA” level. I was Huludao City People’s Government awarded the “high-tech enterprises,” perennial to join the China Machinery General Parts Industry Association Powder Metallurgy Association member units and members of the China Association forging Association, Huludao City tax, land tax as a tax credit rating A, Was Huludao City People’s Government brand-name products, China FAW Motor Corporation authorized trademark permanent use units, in 2009 by SGS TS16949 product quality system certification, in 2011 by the Liaoning Provincial People’s Government awarded the “provincial technology center.” Is to declare “provincial high-tech enterprises.” The company has five independent intellectual property rights, including a patent for invention.

The company’s leading products for the powder metallurgy products, precision forging gear products and automotive synchronizer products, mainly applied to the automotive field, the products are sold to Changchun FAW Jiefang Automobile Manufacturing Company, Changchun FAW Industrial Components Co., Ltd., Ganzhou Star Machinery Co., Tianjin Tianhai Synchronous Technology Co., Ltd., Xinxiang Boshi Taier Co., Ltd., Zhuzhou Gear Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Nanjing star auto parts limited liability company, drilling chuck ring gear, nuts, the market share of about 35%; high strength powder metallurgy powder Products, the market share of about 30%; forging engine claw pole products, the market share of about 45%; planetary gears in the FAW market accounted for 70%, heavy-duty car drive axle products, market share of about 60% Products in addition to heavy-duty car drive axle series of products is the introduction of German technology, have been national patents, and is the product industry standards drafting unit. My company’s product application market is the domestic first-class market, reflecting the processing of China’s auto industry parts and components level, out of the market for high-end products.

My company has advanced mold processing center equipment, Germany take the wire thread cutting, EDM forging die, to ensure precision precision forging gear. Newly purchased German-made spectrometer, a new gear detection center, to ensure that my company’s product quality to meet the needs of users.

I am in Liaoning Province, “five point line” economic development zone improvised industrial park investment 80 million yuan, covers an area of ​​87,000 square meters, the new “Liaoning Sumeril auto parts company” will be put into use, the annual production High-precision gear 2 million, the output value of 200 million yuan to achieve the scale of enterprises.

Xingcheng Powder Metallurgy Co., Ltd. Under the leadership of Su Quanying, general manager of Su Quanying, based on the national industry, vigorously develop the real economy, led all the staff to meet new challenges and innovate.

Main Products: Powder metallurgy pieces ,Powder metallurgy side gears, planetary gears ,Powder metallurgy synchronizer ring gear, Powder metallurgy Car differential.


Enterprise Certification:Passed

Unified Social Credit Code: 91211481604365385G



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