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Yangzhou Weiye Creative Technology Co.,Ltd. is located in Jiangsu Gaoyou High-tech Industrial Park (formerly Yangzhou Lingtang Optoelectronics Technology Industrial Park), is a professional engaged in solar wafer cutting fluid and wire cutting waste mortar recycling recycling, King Kong line cutting solar energy Grade single crystal and polysilicon production of high-tech private enterprises.

I am the company’s own research and development of waste mortar integrated recycling technology and cutting fluid production process formula, is currently the most advanced processing and production lines, and have a high level of quality supervision and inspection means, the comprehensive treatment of mortar capacity of 6 Million tons, cutting fluid products annual production capacity has reached more than 40,000 tons. Silicon and wire cutting waste mortar in the SiC and PEG, are non-renewable resources, the company will SiC and PEG for solid-liquid separation, and then through a special process after processing products in full compliance with the technical requirements of silicon wire cutting, and Can be re-use of resources, by the user’s praise, with good social and economic benefits, to save energy and environmental protection has made a contribution to meet the national energy-saving emission reduction and circular economy industrial policy.

Our company for the silicon cutting technology changes, is now on the new wire and steel line cutting production line, using the leading domestic diamond slicer (on the machine WSK027BL) and supporting and the introduction of advanced silicon cleaning and testing equipment, the formation of annual production capacity 80 million high-purity crystal wafer production and processing capacity, product quality within the industry’s well-known customers recognized the quality.

I have passed the ISO9001 \ ISO14001 \ ISO28001 three major management system certification, waste mortar recycling recycling project for the Ministry of Science and Technology Innovation Fund project project, the project won the high-tech products in Jiangsu Province.
The company will be a wide range of cooperation for the majority of photovoltaic industry enterprises to provide quality services, can directly sell cutting fluid, but also waste mortar processing; single (more) crystal silicon wire section processing, sales, wholeheartedly welcome new and old Customers visit to discuss cooperation.

Main Products: A Single Crystal Silicon Wafer, A Polycrystalline Silicon Wafer, A Silicon Wafer Product, A Cutting Liquid WY-201, A Cutting Liquid WY-205, A Cutting Liquid WY-208, A Diethylene Glycol.

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