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Yantai Shougangdongxing Daehan Powder Metallurgy Co., Ltd. is jointly built by Korea Sintered Metal and Yantai Shougangdongxing Group Co., Ltd. Founded in Many 2005, the company mainly produces powder metallurgy parts used in industries of automobiles, motorcycles, home appliances, agricultural machinery, electric power tool, etc. It has a registered capital of 0.14278 billion yuan. The first phase of the company has an investment of 0.23 billion yuan and an annual productivity of 5,000 tons and the second phase of the company has an investment of 0.46 billion yuan and a total annual productivity of 15,000 tons. Korea Sintered Metal accounts for 60% of the shares of the company and Yantai Shougangdongxing Group Co., Ltd. accounts for 40%. Located in Dongxing Industrial Park, Yantai Economic and Technical Development Zone, Shandong Province, the company has a floor area of 37,760 square meters and a plant area of 9,558 square meters.

The company is capable of independent mold design as well as product research and development. With the technical support of Korea Sintered Metal, the largest powder metallurgy production base of Korea, and Sumitomo Electric Sintered Alloy Co., ltd., the company, by adopting advanced quality detection equipment, is able to produce various high-performance and high-quality powder metallurgy parts.

Main technologies at the present stage: Metal powder (iron powder, alloyed powder, non-ferrous metal powder, porcelain powder, etc.) →material mixing →pressing →sintering →subsequent processing →finished products. Compared with the conventional machinery manufacturing technologies such as casting, forging and cutting, the technologies have the characteristics of few (no) cutting, material saving, energy saving, high efficiency, uniform quality, suitability for mass production, no environmental pollution, low price, etc. By adopting the technologies, products which have special performance or can not be surely produced by other technologies can be produced, being ideal substitute goods of some castings, forgings and machining parts.

Now in developed countries, such as America and Japan, great importance is attached to the development of powder metallurgy technology, which is widely applied to the fields of automobiles and so on and obtains profitable return. Powder metallurgy parts of automobiles are mostly applied to engines, drive systems, suspension systems, steering systems, brake systems and electrical instruments. It has been found that the economic benefits of automobiles which adopt powder metallurgy technology are greatly improved, so that the technology has stronger technical and economic advantages when compared with traditional manufacture technologies (such as cutting, casting and forging).

We hope to provide high-quality products for customers through ceaseless efforts, so as to become a first-class enterprise in the powder metallurgy product industry of China. Welcome to visit us!

Main Products:  Powder Metallurgy ABS Tone Wheel,   Diesel Engine Parts ,  Automatic Transmission Oil Pump Rotor&Gear,  Electrical Appliance Products Piston&Conrod,  Water Pump Bracket Etc.


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