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Yiyang Shilong New Material Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer which concentrates on developing, producing and trading new materials and parts based on P/M technology. By following the development of P/M technology and utilizing the specific effect of rare earth elements, we develop the high-tech products to satisify the demand of the market creatively. We aim to provide impeccable products with high precision, high strength, and good wear resistance.

SINON locates at the national developing region, eastern of YiYang, where there are many unique geographical advantages: convenient transportations, attractive landscapes and especially brilliant people.

SINON an uprising Chinese Dragon, with a great passion and ambition to promote the national economics, is expected to establish a profound reputation in the global powder metallurgy field. Supported by the government, SINON is definitely going to be a distinguished high-tech new materials company.

Main Products: Hydraulic Piston Pump Powder Metallurgy Products, Hydraulic Motor Powder Metallurgy Stator And Rotor, Car Starter Gears, Gear Products, Pinion Products, (Cars, Motorcycles) Shock Absorber Products, Iron-Based Structural Parts.

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