Yiyang Zaichao Powder Metallurgy Co.,Ltd.

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Yiyang Zaichao Powder Metallurgy Co.,Ltd. is located in the eastern part of Yiyang City High-tech Zone, is the original Yiyang Powder Metallurgy Plant, Yiyang Powder Metallurgy Research Institute was established after the production of automotive internal combustion engine parts and components of powder metallurgy products joint-stock enterprises, 50 years of production history, is the national fixed-point production of powder metallurgy products of key enterprises, the company has passed the ISO9001 quality certification, GTQ09010 international standard certification and international association TS16949 quality certification.

The company has a variety of production equipment 188 sets, the main products are iron, iron copper, iron carbon, iron and copper carbon, iron and copper molybdenum, iron and nickel and other materials, powder metallurgy products, such as oil pump rotor , Shock absorbers, sprockets, gearbox, widely used in automobiles, tractors, general machinery, textile machinery, mining machinery, civil appliances and so on. Production of iron-based internal combustion engine with oil pump rotor, gear, sprocket and other high, medium and low strength complex powder metallurgy structural parts of the technology in the leading domestic level.

As a research and development base of the Institute of Powder Metallurgy, Central South University, the Company attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation, continuously increases its R & D investment and improves its independent innovation capability. The company and the Central South University Powder Research Institute and other units in close cooperation, and actively implement the integration of production and research to Central South University Powder Metallurgy Research Institute in the international forefront of the powder metallurgy technology and high-quality talent as the basis, focusing on the development of super powder and nano- Technology products; rapid condensation preparation of amorphous, quasi-crystalline and microcrystalline powder technology products; mechanical alloying technology products. The direction of ultra-fine, ultra-pure, powder control the direction of the direction of development. Company’s existing products mainly for the first car company, Dongfeng Motor Corporation, BYD Auto Company, Chery Automobile Company supporting services.

In order to further expand production capacity, the company has been in Yiyang City High-tech Zone, the eastern part of the new district to invest 58 million yuan expansion of an annual output of 3,000 tons of powder metallurgy products production line. After the completion of the new production line, the company will further improve product quality and management level for China’s auto industry to make greater contributions to the development. Company direct marketing products to Dongfeng Motor Company, BYD Auto Company, Zhejiang Yuhuan Pump, Lizhong Pump and other large enterprises.
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Main Products: Electrical Products,All Kinds Of Mechanical Transmission Gear Powder Metallurgy Products,Sprocket Products,Rotor Products,Structural Parts Products,Pulley Products.

Enterprise Certification:Passed

Unified Social Credit Code: 91430900799120299M

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