Zhejiang Kang Tao Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Kang Tao Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. factory building area of more than forty thousand square meters, factory existing staff 200 people, the secondary technical personnel 35 people, senior engineer 8, has a mastery of the craft production team, focus on the development and manufacture CNC lathes and machining in the heart of, the company existing CJK0620, CJK0630, CJK0640, CJK0650, CJK6135, CJK6140 series CNC lathes and machining centers and other dozens of varieties, the company’s products 50% exported to foreign markets, zhejiang is the scale of production in the same industry one of the largest production of nc machine tool enterprises.

Our factory has set up shop: metalworking machine room, total installation room, painting machine room and so on, is a scientific research. Production, sale, service integration of professional modern enterprises. At the same time, we introduce advanced foreign inspection equipment and CNC gantry guide grinding machine, CNC surface grinding machine, horizontal machining center, vertical machining center, high precision internal and external cylindrical grinding machines and other equipment.

We adhere to the quality of the products as the ctenter, take the market as the guidance, to uphold the tenet of “customer service”, to ensure that before sale, sale, after-sales service timely, efficient, customer satisfaction, etc. Service personnel can coordinate customer debugging, installation, and can according to customer’s demand to implement technical training for operation and technical personnel, tracking service 24-hours, our maintenance staff will be in the shortest possible time to give you the most satisfactory services.

Zhejiang kangtao automation equipment co., Ltd. Is a company specializing in the production of iron powder metallurgy and stainless steel powder metallurgical parts. Company after all staff from years of hard struggle, enterprises continue to grow stronger, the product enjoys a high reputation in the market, favored by users. New company existing staff 180 people, scientific research engineers 6, and absorb the latest technology at home and abroad, has a strong ability of technology innovation and product development. And has a series of internationally advanced level of 500 t, 315 t, 200 t, 150 t, 100 t, 45 t automatic special pressure machine and supporting the most advanced mesh belt sintering furnace, such as production equipment and complete testing equipment. Rely on technology and management to provide customers with satisfactory products in time.

Constantly improve product quantity and service in the fierce competition. To “create famous brand” to the world, the prestige for this, the pursuit of more excellent quality and high quality service for the purpose, let the customer trust, welcome the masses of old and new customers at home and abroad industry etc. Visit the guidance. Your satisfaction is our only pursuit.

Main Products:

Powder Metallurgy Auto Parts, Powder Metallurgy Motorcycle Accessories, Powder Metallurgical Machinery Parts.


No. Patent Type Number Release Date Abstract
1 Utility Models CN201521081511.7 2016/6/8 A production line of spray paint and drying
2 Utility Models CN201521084316.X 2016/6/8 A 30 ° line rail of nc machine tools
3 Utility Models CN201521083969.6 2016/6/1 Double mountain hard rail machine tool
4 Utility Models CN201521098707.7 2016/6/1 Electric tricycle transmission line
5 Utility Models CN201521086719.8 2016/6/1 A 45 ° line rail of machine tool
6 Utility Models CN201521102525.2 2016/6/1 lifting
7 Utility Models CN201521084300.9 2016/6/1 High steel type line rail machine tool
8 Utility Models CN201521086681.4 2016/6/1 Old line
Registration Number: 91331081733205054X
Registered Capital: 7,280,000.00 CNY       
Found Date: 2001-11-05  
Number Of Employees: 100-500
Business Status: Normal
Type Of Company: Limited Liability Company
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