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Zhejiang Taibao Metal Products Co.,Ltd. Was founded in 1996, after years of efforts and development, from entrepreneurial period beginning gradually developed into a single new carbon materials products have carbon materials, electrical carbon products, powder metallurgy industry, annual production 噐 voltage regulator, voltage regulator 噐 brush more than 1500, ten thousand, 10 million high power industrial power tools brush, stainless steel 1800 tons of powder metallurgy products, become the domestic production base of voltage regulator, voltage stabilizer brush and stainless steel powder metallurgy products manufacturer in China.
Products in automobile, motorcycle, locks, machinery, tools, electrical, medical equipment, toys and other industries. Equipment is complete, the forming press from 20 tons to 300 tons, and equipped with more movements, high precision automatic die set, can meet the different needs of different customers.
Strong technical force, strong development capabilities, has a complete laboratory equipment and the physical and chemical detection equipment, have to enjoy the state council allowance of powder metallurgy experts to chief engineer, composed of metal materials, inorganic non-metallic materials of powder metallurgy, machinery, chemical industry, and other professional engineering and technical personnel of senior experts think tank, led the company walk in the forefront of technology development of powder metallurgy and metal materials industry.
Company has advanced facilities for a complete mold design and manufacturing workshop, now at the speed of a new product every day for different industries.
Company has a perfect quality assurance system to ensure product quality stability and consistency Has a perfect production management system, to ensure that the orders completed on time.
New injection molding production line, can make the shape more complex, higher iron base strength requirement, the stainless steel parts.
We adhere to the “focus on casting success, innovation lead, integrity eternal” business development ideas, relationships with customers to establish a long-term harmonious strategy development, create brilliant future!

Main Products: Powder Metallurgy Parts, Stainless Steel Powder Metallurgy Products,Powder Metallurgy Electrical Carbon Products,Voltage Regulator, Voltage Regulator, Brush,Copper Graphite Alloy Sliding Block,Magnesium Alloy Materials And Manufacturing Technology.

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