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Zhongshan Ruijia Hardware Products Co.,Ltd. specializing in the production of high-performance mechanical structure parts and high-precision, high strength, low noise oil bearing powder metallurgy products and provide customers with professional resin sealing process. The company has more than 10 years of industry experience, green environmental protection. The company is located in the Pearl River Delta hinterland – Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province Tanzhou town. Close to 105 National Road and strategic location, convenient transportation. Products are widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, power tools, sewing machines, office equipment, food machinery, manufacturing, toys, household appliances (air conditioning, refrigerator compressors), gear boxes and motors and other industries. Since its inception, has been committed to technological progress, management progress. With the domestic first-class production equipment, testing equipment and various types of outstanding technical and management personnel. Currently has more than 20 sets of professional powder metallurgy equipment, and in the forming with temperature and pressure equipment, product density can reach 7.3g / cm3, strict quality control requirements, specifically set up physical and chemical (metering) room, equipped with a full set of testing equipment, such as universal Material testing machine, cloth Rockwell hardness, precision analysis of scales, etc., in order to ensure the production of first-class quality products to lay a solid foundation, the company’s products can be plated Ni, Cr, etc., we currently produce about 90 million powder metallurgy products The And has a strong ability to develop new products to meet customer needs and common development, and create a win-win situation.

In January 2014, the company introduced a complete set of sealing machine, mainly for customers to provide: 1, metal casting infiltration sealing (to solve the leakage problem) 2, powder metallurgy products resin sealing (to solve the poor plating, leakage, corrosion problems) 3, the modified treatment of porous materials (conductivity, physical properties, improved resistance, etc.), resin seal on your importance: 1. waste into treasure, the production process due to microporous, trachoma, cracks, microporous, etc. Phenomenon caused by the failure of parts, I plant after the infiltration process to become qualified free workers recast, reduce the scrap rate, for you to save due to the loss caused by nonconforming products. 2. Resin sealing treatment, does not affect the workpiece surface accuracy, no corrosion of metal, the environment completely harmless. 3. 100% reaction curing does not shrink, curing agent tough aging resistance, excellent chemical resistance. Applicable castings voids less than 0.3mm, the smallest sealed 1.5um ultra-fine pores, slightly larger than 0.3mm aperture can also do two to three infiltration. For the large hole the company can also repair the closure. 4. Powder treatment after sintering resin seal, can speed up the processing, tool life greatly extended. 5. Casting in the plating, painting before infiltration, can extend the life of parts, so that the quality of surface treatment. 6. Resin sealing the workpiece after the pass rate of 98% or more, resin sealing products after the work temperature -50 ℃ – +200 ℃ The company special resin sealing processing, to provide customers with the best quality improvement solutions, processing fees reasonable , Fast delivery, welcome customers to try to do.

Company in April 2016 new Zhongshan powder metallurgy industry’s largest 260T mechanical forming machine production, marking the company into a new era of development.

Main Products: Power Tool Spare Parts,Sewing Machine Spare Parts,Auto Parts,Powder Metallurgy Spare Parts.

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