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Zhuzhou Diyuan Powder Metallurgy Furnace Co., Ltd. was founded in January of 2003, which is a manufacturer specialized in the research , development and production of electrical furnaces for powder metallurgy, especially for hard metal manufacture.

As a result of our high quality product and outstanding custom service, our products are appreciated by customers in China and around the world. We have established business relationship with customers in USA, Russia, Japan, South Korea, India, Taiwan, etc. We can make design according to customers’ requirement and dispatch experienced engineers to join the Testing Running of the furnace if required.

Main products:
1. Powder Manufacturing Furnace Series
1.1 Rotary Furnace for Producing Tungsten Oxide and Molybdenum Oxide
1.2 Two-tube、Four-tube、Fourteen-tube Reduction Furnaces with Automatic
loading & unloading Mechanism used for Producing Pure Tungsten, Mo & Co.
1.3 High Temperature Carbon tube Furnace used for Tungsten Carbonizing (2200C°)
1.4 Automatic Molybdenum Heating Pusher Furnace used for Tungsten Carbonizing (1600C°)
1.5 Automatic High Temperature Graphite Heating Push Furnace (2200C°)
2. Dewaxing Furnace Series
2.1 Dewaxing Furnace by H2
3. Sintering Furnace Series
3.1 Normal Horizontal Vacuum Sintering Furnace
3.2 Dewaxing & sintering Furnace with Multi-gases Controlled
3.3 Gas Pressure Sintering Furnace (Sinter HIP)
3.4 High vacuum metal sheet heating furnace
4. Others
4.1 Zinc Furnace for Reclaiming WC-Co Cemented Carbide
4.2 Lab furnace for Measuring the Content of Carbon in Metal Carbide
4.3 High vacuum Brazing furnace for PCD、PcBN
4.4 Purification furnace for low melting point rare metal
4.5 High temperature hardness tester
4.6 Lab Ball Mill Machine (3L*4)

Main Products:

Rotary Furnace ,Push Type Of Reduction Furnaces ,High Temperature Hardness Tester ,Gas Pressure Sintering Furnace ,Zinc Furnace For Recycling Wc-Co Metals ,Automatic high temperature carbonization furnace (patented product),Series Of Carbonizing Furnaces ,Ball Mill For Laboratory ,High Vacuum Furnace Heated By Metal Elements ,Lab Furnace For Measuring The Content Of Carbon ,Series Of Sintering Furnaces ,Series Of Dewaxing Furnace.


No. Patent Type Number Release Date Abstract
1 Utility Models CN201420808229.3 2015/6/24 An automatic entry and exit device
2 Utility Models CN201320350918.X 2014/2/5 A high temperature rotary tube furnace
3 Utility Models CN201320351634.2 2014/2/5 An automatic entry and exit device
4 Utility Models CN201220516704.0 2013/6/12 A molding agent recovery device
5 Utility Models CN201220516417.X 2013/3/27 A double furnace door in and out of the boat
6 Utility Models CN201220458389.0 2013/3/13 A double furnace door in and out of the boat
7 Utility Models CN201120332286.5 2012/4/25 A type of electric heating
8 Utility Models CN201120332012.6 2012/4/25 A double furnace door in and out of the boat
9 Utility Models CN201120003068.7 2011/9/7 pyrometer
10 Utility Models CN200920063614.9 2010/5/5 Metallurgical furnace
Registration Number: 9143020274592200XP
Registered Capital: 1,500,000.00 CNY       
Found Date: 2003-01-14      
Number Of Employees: 50-100
Business Status: Normal
Type Of Company: Limited Liability Company
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