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Zhuzhou Jinding Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd. Is located in zhuzhou city in hunan province high and new technology development zone (country), is a high-tech enterprises in hunan province, hunan new materials enterprises, specialization, “new” enterprise of hunan province, won hunan province famous brand, is the national torch plan characteristics of zhuzhou cemented carbide industry base is one of the major members of enterprises, is a professional research and development, production, processing and carbide private technology enterprises.
Company was founded in 2004, now has total assets of nearly 50 million yuan, annual production of cemented carbide of more than 200 tons, has from the mixture preparation, precision pressing, more atmosphere, digital pressure sintering, alloy processing, precision processing, analysis, testing complete, advanced cemented carbide production line, with standard workshop more than 3900 square meters, senior professional and technical personnel more than 30 people, a total of more than 20 patent for invention or utility model patents.
The company focuses on hard alloy production with high hardness, high strength, impact resistance and abrasion resistance. Main research and development, production mold materials, mining and engineering tools, wear-resistant parts, shear blades, non-standard and other series of hard alloy products and refined products.
The company adheres to “integrity, innovation – eternal, high-quality goods, people – together.” Value concept, adhere to the “stable quality, reasonable price, prompt delivery” principle, the implementation of ISO9001 quality guarantee system, to provide market for cemented carbide products and excellent service, to meet the market demand!
Company in the production of cemented carbide series products are mainly supply at home and abroad, the high-end customer group, product quality is in the leading position in the domestic, with stable quality, price, fast delivery and good service, has high visibility and reputation.

Main Products:

Tungsten Carbidemould Material ,Tungsten Carbidesheet Metal ,Tungsten Carbide tungsten Steel Wool Material ,Tungsten Carbidesheet Wool Material ,Tungsten Carbide special-Shaped Plates ,Tungsten Carbidelong Strip Tungsten Steel Bar, Tungsten Carbide sheet, Various Brand Can Be Customized ,Tungsten Carbide cold Heading Die ,Tungsten Carbide nail Die/Knife ,Tungsten Carbide round Cake ,Carbide Drill Teeth ,Tungsten Carbide Bit ,Carbide Truncated Coal Teeth ,Tungsten Carbide Spinning Teeth ,Tungsten Carbide Shield Knife ,Tungsten Carbide Sand Bar ,Tungsten CarbideGauge Bar ,Tungsten Carbide Geology Tool ,Tungsten Carbide Impact Drill ,Tungsten Carbide Diamond Composite Substrate ,Tungsten Carbide Tamping Pick Tungsten Carbide Digs ,Tungsten Carbide Gauge Teeth ,Carbide Milling And Shaving ,Carbide Sleeve ,Tungsten Carbide Roll ,Tungsten Carbide Seal Ring ,Carbide Ball ,Tungsten Carbide Valve Core ,Carbide Seat ,Tungsten Carbide Disc ,Tungsten Carbide Knife Pad ,Tungsten Carbide Hemisphere ,Tungsten Carbide Sliver ,Tungsten Carbide Molded Round Bar ,Tungsten Carbide Shaft Sleeve ,Carbide Rotary File ,Other Non-Standard Aliens ,Carbide Nozzle.


No. Patent Type Number Release Date Abstract
1 Utility Models CN201521129798.6 2016/8/10 A hard alloy ball tooth
2 Utility Models CN201521133209.1 2016/6/22 Alloy block
3 Utility Models CN201521134412.0 2016/6/22 Alloy plate
4 Utility Models CN201521139114.0 2016/6/22 Mould of alloy hammer head and preparation alloy hammer head
5 Utility Models CN201521135639.7 2016/6/22 Alloying bar
6 Utility Models CN201521130616.7 2016/6/22 An alloy part
7 Utility Models CN201521133539.0 2016/6/22 A bit of metal alloy
8 Published CN201511030174.3 2016/5/4 The mould and method of alloy hammer head and preparing alloy hammer head
9 Authorization CN201210261022.4 2014/5/14 The preparation method of a large-sized hard alloy
10 Utility Models CN201320646387.9 2014/4/23 Large-sized hard alloy pipe fittings
11 Utility Models CN201320585556.2 2014/3/12 A cylinder
12 Utility Models CN201320551076.4 2014/2/12 A cylinder
13 Utility Models CN201320484915.5 2014/1/15 Hard alloy coal drilling chips, coal mine drilling and drilling tools for drilling and drilling of coal mine
14 Published CN201210261022.4 2012/10/24 The preparation method of a large-sized hard alloy
15 Utility Models CN201120141432.6 2012/2/8 A hard alloy product sintered W – shaped graphite boat
16 Utility Models CN201120141086.1 2011/12/14 A hard alloy cruciform brazing blast furnace opening drill
17 Utility Models CN201120141053.7 2011/12/14 A hard alloy cross – hole drill
18 Utility Models CN201120141905.2 2011/11/23 A hard alloy tooth for a mine drill
19 Utility Models CN201120141060.7 2011/11/23 A hard alloy product sintered with a boat
20 Utility Models CN201020266497.9 2011/9/28 Sintered carbide products sintered with graphite boats
21 Utility Models CN201020535881.4 2011/4/20 A hard alloy cross – hole drill
22 Utility Models CN201020547864.2 2011/4/20 A hard alloy cross – hole drill
Registration Number: 91430211760706372T
Registered Capital: 10,000,000.00 CNY    
Found Date: 2004-04-05    
Number Of Employees: 50-100
Business Status: Normal
Type Of Company: Limited Liability Company
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