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Zhuzhou Ouke Billion CNC Precision Tool Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996, is a collection research and development, production and sales of carbide and its products of high-tech private joint-stock enterprises, the company is located in Zhuzhou City Dongjia 塅 high-tech industrial park, after 20 years of development , Now has three carbide production base, a tungsten carbide production base, a mold production line, covering a total area of ​​50,000 square meters, with modern standard factory, the industry’s first-class research and development capabilities, world-class production equipment and Process technology. Main Products: Carbide jagged, the whole wafer cutter rough, carbide cutter, hard alloy non-standard pieces, and so on.

The company’s main products serrated production and sales have occupied the first domestic market, with an annual output of carbide saw blade with serrated ultra-5.4 million teeth, the production of general-level, professional-grade, industrial saw blade with serrated, solid carbide wafer cutter rough And carbide cutting tools, the products are widely used in wood processing, aluminum cutting, billet cutting, glasses knives, needle machine industry.

Company employees more than 500 people, including directly involved in more than 170 scientific research personnel, more than 20 senior engineers, more than 40 engineers. In recent years, OKE each year from the “211 Project” key universities to recruit undergraduate graduates and graduate students more than 10. In 2012, the company and Hunan University of Technology built a research and research base, jointly research and development of carbide materials technology in the field of new projects, formed a complete development, trial production, products, commodities, production and research cooperation system.

The company is equipped with advanced CAD, CAM workstations, first-class cutting laboratories and a team of experts and senior engineers and professional technicians to develop new products that meet the needs of the market and customers.

Company testing center has more than 30 test equipment, analysis and testing center from the source of raw materials to the production process to carry out strict monitoring and testing to ensure product quality and stability.

The company has a modern high-precision technical equipment, mold production line, the use of advanced UG three-dimensional design software to achieve parametric design, CAD auxiliary software for mold design and development. With imports of high-precision molds production equipment more than 10 Taiwan, imports from Switzerland more than A Qi Xia Mier take the thread cutting machine to protect the mold making precision and all kinds of difficult mold production, but also according to customer needs and drawings custom Various molds of cemented carbide products.

To ensure the quality and stability of the product, the company established a new tungsten carbide powder production line. The use of advanced production technology and quality control means to reduce the production cost of high-quality tungsten carbide powder to ensure that the quality of tungsten carbide powder fluctuations in the control to the bottom line, in time for the production to provide high-quality, high stability, high purity production of raw materials.

In 2011 the company invested 330 million yuan to establish CNC blade production line, determined to “OKE” hit the domestic high-end CNC tool brand. More than 95% of the company’s production equipment are cited from abroad, the size of equipment, configuration and its high precision, high efficiency, in the domestic CNC blade industry second to none. For steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum and hardened steel and other common materials of different processing characteristics, independent research and development of more than 50 highly targeted trough series. At the same time, have the ability to provide a variety of non-standard blade, according to the different needs of customers.

“OKE” to “zero defect” as the company’s quality objectives, from product design, each batch of raw materials storage began, all the raw and auxiliary materials, process products and products, are in the company under the strict control of quality control. A highly experienced, highly educated workforce, bringing together the world’s top testing equipment, from the chemical composition, physical properties, appearance and other dimensions of the full range of testing. We firmly believe that high-quality products is the growing pillar of the company, we are committed to customers receive each batch of products are subject to quality and control departments of the strict checks.

Companies to fast and accurate service concept, the products and services supporting sales. The establishment of a sales area throughout the country’s technical service team, with experienced, comprehensive technical services engineers. Rely on deep solid carbide expertise, saw the practical technology, superb technology, high-quality products to provide customers with a clear competitive advantage. Company to “focus, professional, experts,” a principle of service, and customers to establish long-term strategic cooperative relations, continue to provide professional solutions for the sawing industry.

“Responsibility cast excellence”, Zhuzhou Ouke billion Carbide Co., Ltd. to meet customer demand-oriented, determined to make progress, with full of enthusiasm, a high sense of responsibility, to provide users with satisfactory products and services. Among the strong enterprises, to create international brands, my company is the constant pursuit of the same.

Main Products:

General turning tools,Cut the cutting tool,Gravity turning tools,Thread turning tools

Registration Number: 91430200MA4L9Y0H41
Registered Capital:                                CNY       
Found Date: 2016-12-29 
Number Of Employees: 50-100
Business Status: Normal
Type Of Company: Limited Liability Company
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