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ChinaYP whose head office is situated at Hi-tech Park, Block A, 1107, Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province, P.R.China (hereinafter referred to as “ChinaYP”).

This website comprises a set of services including business directory, the Corporate website and the online sales service.
In order to use the services provided by ChinaYP, should these services be free, payable or require the creation of a ChinaYP account, you hereby undertake to comply with these terms and conditions of use (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms and Conditions of Use”).


Description of the services

ChinaYP provides an online B2B directory service, Including more than 95% of China’s powder metallurgy products manufacturers and related businesses. Consulting this directory is totally free of any charge. In order to be listed in the CHINAYP directory you may:
•either submit an advertisement free of charge by filling in the free subscription form (buy or sell information);
•or submit an advertisement for a charge by filling in the online subscription form in the special terms and conditions indicated and printable at the end of the subscription process;
•or ask ChinaYP to draw up an estimate.

The User of the ChinaYP website acknowledges and guarantees being a company with a legal existence and business activity, and marketing lawful products.

The User of the ChinaYP website undertakes to communicate and transmit true, exact and full information and to regularly update this information.

The User undertakes to use all the ChinaYP website services available in an adequate and non-abusive way and especially undertakes not to interfere with the correct operation of the ChinaYP website in any way whatsoever.
The User must ensure that they do not improperly overload the bandwidths and/or do not transmit elements that may damage, intercept and/or interfere with all or part of the ChinaYP website.

Privacy and personal data protection policy

ChinaYP recognizes the importance that must be given to the protection of personal data.
ChinaYP makes every effort to apply a strict policy on the protection of personal data that consists, in particular, of high levels of security for products and services offered directly by the ChinaYP.com website in an attempt to best protect information concerning an identified or identifiable person gathered on the ChinaYP.com website.
These privacy regulations apply to all the services offered by CHINAYP on the www.ChinaYP.com website.


The company that has an advertisement in the Directory is fully responsible for the Contents to which its gives access via the advertisements put on line in the ChinaYP website and/or links to exterior sites. The company particularly undertakes to ensure that the aforementioned Content is not contrary to French law and does not disrupt public order or infringe third party rights.

Insofar as ChinaYP is unable to monitor all the content of the Internet sites linked to the ChinaYP website, the User acknowledges that ChinaYP may not be held responsible for any products, services and/or information available on and/or from such Internet site.

ChinaYP may not be held liable for any direct or indirect damage that may arise from the use of the ChinaYP website for any reason whatsoever.

ChinaYP declines all responsibility for the malfunction of the ChinaYP website, for incompatible operation in conjunction with any other product, hardware or software and/or any possible loss or distortion of data.

Some ChinaYP website pages contain links to other external Internet pages that have no partnership with ChinaYP.

ChinaYP strongly recommends that its Users carefully read the personal data protection policy of each Internet site that they consult.

ChinaYP may not under any circumstances be held responsible for the exchanges between Users and companies present on the ChinaYP website or for any future business relationship that may be established between them, ChinaYP being a third party in these relationships.


ChinaYP is unable to offer any absolute guarantee of security, insofar as the Internet is an open network that is, by its very nature, sensitive to such risks.
ChinaYP guarantees that its services comply with its security policy and may not be held liable in the event of a malfunction in the exterior network.
Under no circumstances shall the liability of ChinaYP be invoked for any prejudice and/or direct or indirect damage suffered by the User resulting from any interruption or malfunction of any kind, from the suspension and/or termination of the connection to the ChinaYP website.
The User of the website hereby declares that it is aware of the said risks and accepts them.
The User undertakes to keep strictly confidential any login name and password chosen and communicated to ChinaYP .
Their use is deemed to have been made only by the User.

other conditions

If there are other content that does not explain, ChinaYP will be added at a later time.



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